Pre-Orders Open October 1

All new items for 2022! Count down the days to Christmas with this Advent Calendar packed with sewing goodies. On each of the 25 days, you'll have a special sewing gift to unwrap. Some gifts are even made by Karen herself with hand-picked fabrics you will adore. You'll discover treats that are functional, some that are whimsical, and you will want to use every single one of them immediately.

If you've ever been to a sewing class at Stitchery, no matter your age, you will appreciate everything in this countdown.

All contents will remain a tightly-guarded secret until items are unwrapped in December. An extra special handmade gift waits for you on Day 25.

Only a small number of calendars are available.

Free local delivery available, additional $15 to ship.

Calendars will be delivered, available for pickup or shipped on November 1.