Private lessons

Please email Traci directly if you would like to schedule private lessons.

Block of the Month 2019


Third Thursday of each month*

$20 per class 

Please bring worsted weight yarn and needles

Knitting Gauge: 4.5 - 5 sts = 1" on #6 - 9 needles (4.0mm-5.5mm)

Meet once a month to learn a new stitch design

All swatches will be knit in the same weight yarn and joined together at the end of the 12 monthsto create a beautiful blanket. 

(recommended working knowledge of basic cables and basic lace)

Please bring worsted weight yarn( cotton not recommended) and appropriate needles

Knitting Gauge: 4.5 - 5 sts = 1" on #6 - 9 needles (4.0mm-5.5mm)




* May occasionally be a different Thursday.

Knitting 101

Learn the basics of knitting.


July 11th 6:30-8pm


Aug 2nd 1-3pm


Please bring the following supplies:




June 19th, 6-8pm

( may run longer)

You spend so much time knitting those fantastic socks and wear them until......... oh oh. Save your glorious socks by darning them.

Heels, toes and toe replacement will be covered in this class.

A darning egg is included but please bring your own if you have one.

You will also need:

Bring along a sock that needs a repair or two, it doesn't need to be a hole, thread bare is the perfect time to darn

A darning needle

DPNs in the appropriate size for your sock and a few sizes smaller. 

Bring a variety of Sock yarns if you wish,  personally I love using a contrasting yarn for my repairs and it's a great way to use up all those left overs.



DARN IT 2 : Fixing holes in flat knitting and lovely visible mends.


Viking knit

Aug 8th

6-8pm( may run later)



Viking knit is actually the oldest form of jewelry making known to date. Examples have been found at archaeological sites across the globe, but pieces found at a site in Scandinavia are responsible for this technique's namesake.

Viking knit is not actually a form of knitting at all, and the process is much closer to naelbinding or French knit.

Dorset Button Magnets



Ever heard of Dorset Buttons?

Lovely hand woven buttons originating in the 18th century in Dorset, England.

As well as making gorgeous additions to your hand knits they can be used in many other ways.

In this class we will finish up turning our Buttons into lovey magnets.  Supplies included.

Individual or group classes can be scheduled to accommodate you. 

Beginning Knittng

Knitting in the round


Pattern reading

Please email Traci to schedule 

Stitchery requires notification 24hrs prior to class start time if you cannot attend. Cancellations prior to 24hrs will be offered a full refund or store credit. No refunds can be offered on cancellations within 24hrs of class start time. This policy is for regular scheduled stitchery classes. Special events, guest and multi session workshops cancellation policies will be posted separately .